Are you navigating the exciting, yet sometimes confusing real estate market? Searching for a new home and want to see what other homes in the area are worth? Wondering what your home is valued at?

Well, wonder no more. Zillow (currently in Beta testing, meaning it’s not quite complete, but there’s a lot of data and features there to check out) is a great free site that provides instant valuations and data for over 60 million homes in the US!

Curious, huh? I sure was. Check out Zillow and see for yourself!


Newsmap is an application that visually reflects the constantly changing landscape of the Google News news aggregator. Displaying different broad topics of news in different colors, the size of the news “blocks” represent the frequency that the story is found globally. Larger blocks denote a wider coverage by the media. Visually, the size and colors of the stories demonstrate the relationships between data and the unseen patterns in news media.

Newsmap is a fascinating look at the news.

What’s Up? Newsmap

A recent graduate of the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands Jeroen Wijering has created a Flash-based news map called What’s Up?. New stories are highlighted on the map, and a balloon appears with a headline; clicking on the balloon sends you to the source of the story. For a news junkie, this is a great tool. Not only does it give current news stories gathered from sources across the globe, but it also presents it in a visually appealling, cool interface.

XBOX 360 In-Store Inventory Tracker

Hello gaming fans!

Still unable to get your hands on the XBOX 360? Tired of checking store inventory time and time again for that coveted gaming system? Well toil no more! You can now download a the XBOX 360 In-Store Inventory Tracker, a handy little app that automatically checks your local BestBuy, Circuit City, and FutureShop’s website for the XBOX 360 Premiums at a time interval you specify and alerts you via Text-Message and/or Email.

Head on over to untiltednet.com to get this app.

Cool (but hot) Chocolate Chai Cocktail

Found in the March issue of Cargo Magazine, this cocktail is created with Voyant ($22.99), a “delicious liqueur with the cinnamon, clove, ginger, and vanilla flavors of chai tea.” Created by mixologist Nick Mautone, this sweet and creamy rum-based drink is hot and cozy, perfect for cold winter nights!

Chocolate Chai
1 cup hot brewed black tea
1 oz. Voyant Chai Cream liqueur
1 oz. Godiva Liqueur
Whipped cream for garnish
Mint chocolate chips for garnish

In a coffee mug, mix together the first three ingredients and stir well. Top with whipped cream and mint chocolate chips. Says Mautone: “This also makes a wonderful chilled cocktail — simply substitute two ounces of cold tea, shake with both liquor’s, and strain into a martini glass. Garnish and serve in the same way.”

Served hot or cold, this fun drink will be sure to impress and is easily enjoyed.