Visit "restricted areas"

Swiss artists Matthias Jud and Christoph Wachter have spent five years scanning both search engines and atlas to collect information, pictures and maps of areas restricted to the general public (military installations). They have documented their findings in Zone*Interdite (restricted area).

Level 01 shows a map of the world with approximately 1,200 restricted areas indicated by green dots. Click on one of the dots and a window will pop up with a short description and more information on the place. Much like a wiki, additional information can be added by users.

The Level 02 part of the project reconstructs particular areas as 3D worlds. A PC version can be explored as a virtual walk through. Currently there are two 3D worlds available: the US Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and an Islamic training in North Khartoum, Sudan.

Here is a Flash into on the site.

Demos of both Level 01 and Level 02.

(via we make money not art)

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