Cool iPod Cases

Ingenuity and creativity catches our eye. With the gross popularity of the iPod, many accessories have emerged, catering to our wishes to make our iPods cooler, easier to use, and more useful to us. One of the downfalls of the iPod is how easily it becomes scratched. To remedy that, there are a number of iPod cases available. Everything from leather, to nylon, to silicon. Most of these cases are either professional or just plain (boring.) But yawn no more, for I present the Iconz iPod Video Cases.

These cases are a flash of color and a breath of personality for your iPod. Take your pick from six different designs (Looney Toons Tweety, Darth Vader, Speed Racer, Homer Simpson, Batman, and Superman.) These cases protect your iPod’s whole unit, screen, casing and click wheel, from scratches. They are officially licensed designs and fit either the 30GB or 60GB video iPod. Available for $29.95 from XtremeMac.

Maybe cartoon characters aren’t what you’d have encasing your iPod? Iconz also offers (via XtremeMac) a MLB series of cases for the video iPod as well as an assortment of Cartoon, MLB and NBA styled cases for your Nano.

Fast Food: Order it yourself!

Tired of incompetent fast food employees or waiting in line to place your order? A visit to the combination Taco Bell/KFC in Morrisville, NC may be in order! Let’s listen to what Abir Majumdar has discovered:

“I went to one of those Taco Bell/KFC hybrids in Morrisville, NC and all the ordering was done through the gigantic touchscreens. No humans take orders there. You go to the machines and you’re presented by an animated Colonel and talking taco. Then you put in an order as if you were at amazon. You can pay with cash and credit card.”

Very interesting. I haven’t been to a combination Taco Bell/KFC or any other restaurant combination in ages. This just may make me go and visit one! Much like the self-serve checkout machines in grocery stores, I think this is a great idea! After all, I enjoy pushing buttons; so if it’ll get me my fast food my way, all the better!

Turns out, I’ll be in North Carolina next weekend. Maybe I’ll stop into a local Taco Bell/KFC for some self-serve ordering fun!

More pictures from Abir can be found here.

(via Boing Boing)

World Time Clock

This World Time Clock by Charlotte Van Der Waals is a modern and simplistic look at telling time in various world time zones. In the shape of a dodecahedron (12-sided figure), each side has two cities names etched into it, encompassing all 24 world time zones. Simply roll the clock until the time zone you’re looking for is at the top of the clock. The World Time Clock is available in black, red molded plastic and stainless steel. Snatch one up for $75 at Junro.

(via Gizmodo and Popgadget)

Ashlee Simpson: What has she done to her face?!

So many people look forward to celebrity mess-ups and pictures of them not looking their best. Ashlee Simpson is no stranger to bad press and slip-ups. Back in October 2004 there was her infamous lip-synching debacle on SNL. (First blaming her band for playing the wrong song, then her acid reflux. Yeah right.) Then her January 2005 perfomance at the Orange Bowl where she screamed (off tune, I may add) her song. At the end of her performance, she was booed off the field by the fans. Finally her December 2005 drunk incident at a McDonald’s in Toronto where she was publicly intoxicated and not too nice. (Ashlee, when you drink that much, please don’t go out in public, it’s bad for your image.) And now, these pictures. Yikes!

Her hair is bleach blond while her skin, an eerie color orange. Lay off the fake tanner, Ashlee, it just doesn’t look right. Then there’s her lips that (strangely) don’t look too natural. Oh Ashlee, stop with the collagen. Love the lips you’re given!

Plus, please tell me why she’s giving the shaka sign? Is she trying to “hang loose?”

These picture of her is certainly NOT flattering, but it’s also nice to know (in a mean way) that celebrities don’t always look great. After all, we all have our bad days so it’s nice to know (and see) that celebrities do as well. But if I was getting paid that much, I’d certainly make sure I wasn’t looking (yikes) like this!

(via Egotastic!)