Ashlee Simpson: What has she done to her face?!

So many people look forward to celebrity mess-ups and pictures of them not looking their best. Ashlee Simpson is no stranger to bad press and slip-ups. Back in October 2004 there was her infamous lip-synching debacle on SNL. (First blaming her band for playing the wrong song, then her acid reflux. Yeah right.) Then her January 2005 perfomance at the Orange Bowl where she screamed (off tune, I may add) her song. At the end of her performance, she was booed off the field by the fans. Finally her December 2005 drunk incident at a McDonald’s in Toronto where she was publicly intoxicated and not too nice. (Ashlee, when you drink that much, please don’t go out in public, it’s bad for your image.) And now, these pictures. Yikes!

Her hair is bleach blond while her skin, an eerie color orange. Lay off the fake tanner, Ashlee, it just doesn’t look right. Then there’s her lips that (strangely) don’t look too natural. Oh Ashlee, stop with the collagen. Love the lips you’re given!

Plus, please tell me why she’s giving the shaka sign? Is she trying to “hang loose?”

These picture of her is certainly NOT flattering, but it’s also nice to know (in a mean way) that celebrities don’t always look great. After all, we all have our bad days so it’s nice to know (and see) that celebrities do as well. But if I was getting paid that much, I’d certainly make sure I wasn’t looking (yikes) like this!

(via Egotastic!)

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