Cool iPod Cases

Ingenuity and creativity catches our eye. With the gross popularity of the iPod, many accessories have emerged, catering to our wishes to make our iPods cooler, easier to use, and more useful to us. One of the downfalls of the iPod is how easily it becomes scratched. To remedy that, there are a number of iPod cases available. Everything from leather, to nylon, to silicon. Most of these cases are either professional or just plain (boring.) But yawn no more, for I present the Iconz iPod Video Cases.

These cases are a flash of color and a breath of personality for your iPod. Take your pick from six different designs (Looney Toons Tweety, Darth Vader, Speed Racer, Homer Simpson, Batman, and Superman.) These cases protect your iPod’s whole unit, screen, casing and click wheel, from scratches. They are officially licensed designs and fit either the 30GB or 60GB video iPod. Available for $29.95 from XtremeMac.

Maybe cartoon characters aren’t what you’d have encasing your iPod? Iconz also offers (via XtremeMac) a MLB series of cases for the video iPod as well as an assortment of Cartoon, MLB and NBA styled cases for your Nano.

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