Fast Food: Order it yourself!

Tired of incompetent fast food employees or waiting in line to place your order? A visit to the combination Taco Bell/KFC in Morrisville, NC may be in order! Let’s listen to what Abir Majumdar has discovered:

“I went to one of those Taco Bell/KFC hybrids in Morrisville, NC and all the ordering was done through the gigantic touchscreens. No humans take orders there. You go to the machines and you’re presented by an animated Colonel and talking taco. Then you put in an order as if you were at amazon. You can pay with cash and credit card.”

Very interesting. I haven’t been to a combination Taco Bell/KFC or any other restaurant combination in ages. This just may make me go and visit one! Much like the self-serve checkout machines in grocery stores, I think this is a great idea! After all, I enjoy pushing buttons; so if it’ll get me my fast food my way, all the better!

Turns out, I’ll be in North Carolina next weekend. Maybe I’ll stop into a local Taco Bell/KFC for some self-serve ordering fun!

More pictures from Abir can be found here.

(via Boing Boing)

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