Britney Spears: “Will & Grace” Guest Spot

So many celebrities have done guest appearances on Will & Grace. And with the sitcom in it’s final season, Britney Spears has signed on and fianlly taped her cameo.

In her guest spot, Britney plays a Christian conservative sidekick to Jack (Sean Hayes) on the episode “Jack Talk.” “Out TV” the fictional network that owns “Jack Talk” has been bought by a Christian television Nework and Britney’s character is brought on to be Jack’s new religious co-host.

According to Access Hollywood, “When she made her appearance on the set, she surprised and excited the studio audience so much, the show had to stop just to give her a proper introduction, much to the delight of the crowd.”

Be sure to catch Britney on Will & Grace when the episode airs March 30 on NBC.

Photos and Video from Britney’s Will & Grace Cameo

(via Access Hollywood on MSNBC)

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