Nambé Twist Cocktail Shaker

This sleek yet funky twisted cocktail shaker is sure to get comments at your next party. Made from a special thermal-retentive metal it has three times the cold retention of common metals. Simply place it in the freezer for about 30 minutes and you’ll be able mix your favorite drinks and serve them chilled, without the use of ice.

Available at Hammacher Schlemmer for approximately $145.

(via Luxist)

Celtx – Free TV and Film Production Software

Review courtesy of Victor Agreda, Jr. on DownloadSquad.

Starting with the story and breaking down the elements, building a schedule and sharing the reports, Celtx is an incredibly thorough tool for TV and video (or film, or theater). It’s cross platform application that is completely free. One of the interesting features involves a built-in web browser, enabling some great collaboration opportunities. For instance, you can update multimedia assets (like photos) in realtime, so everyone has the same pic of the location for tomorrow’s shoot. In fact, Celtx is built on Mozilla’s Application Framework.

Available free at Celtx.

(via DownloadSquad)

A Piggy Bank Makeover

The piggy bank has been around for ages. The Money Savvy Pig is a 21st Century take on the classic money saving bank. This little piggy is divided up into four sections: Save, Spend, Donate, and Invest. The money accumulated in each divided chamber exits through a different foot. This plastic pig is a cute way to teach your little ones how to divvy up their allowances.

Available in five different colors from Money Saavy Generation for $14.99.

(via Gizmodo)

Board Towelz Area Rugs

Do you yearn for the roaring surf, sun and sand of Hawaii? Live far away from tropical locales? Thanks to Board Towelz Area Rugs, you can now bring some of the surf into your home, no matter where you live. Made by Floorboardz, these Hawiian-insipred surfboard shaped rug designs come in a variety of styles, sure to bring some cool into any room.

(via HGTV available at Floorboardz)


From Dutch designer Nicole Van Schouwenburg, the SelfShelf is a bookshelf disguised as a book. Available in yellow, blue or red, it supports up to 8 pounds. Thanks to a wall bracket, your books will appear to be floating in the air. The cover of the “book” (SelfShelf) is the French “C’est n’est pas un livre” (This is not a book.) So clever!

Priced at $39.95 from Dutch By Design

(via HGTV)