“Buddy” finds dead people with his nose

“Buddy” a six-year-old German shepherd is trained to find dead people. Working in New Orleans, he’s providing a valuable service in the areas hard hit by Hurricane Katrina.

From Anderson Cooper 360°’s Blog:

“Buddy went into a house in the Lakeview section of New Orleans Sunday, hit the brakes and immediately looked toward the ceiling. A short while later, a grim find in the attic — the mummified remains of a man in a crawl space.

This man probably died more than six months ago during Hurricane Katrina. While it’s not easy to say, the state medical examiner believes he died a terrible death.

Just two days earlier, on Friday, the city police checked the same house and found nothing. Without Buddy’s keen nose following up on Sunday, the house would have been torn down, the remains of this man likely swept away with the debris.”

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Via Anderson Cooper 360° Blog

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