New Kelly Clarkson Video – Walk Away

Here’s the new video for what must be the latest Kelly Clarkson single, “Walk Away.”

Her latest album, “Breakaway” has been a great showcase to her talented song writers and voice. She’s been able to distance herself from “American Idol” and really establish herself as a solo artist. This was apparent at the 2006 Grammy Awards, where Kelly walked away with two awards, Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

But back to her new video. I really like “Walk Away”, its kinda rock edgy, yet still poppy. 🙂 However, I’m not a big fan of Kelly’s outfit. It just looks strange, doesn’t it? I do enjoy how this video incorporates different people, all singing her song in different situations.

But enough of my opinion. You be the judge.

Origami Preview

For the past couple of weeks, the buzz in mobile devices has been about Origami, the new mobile computing device from Microsoft. There has been vague ads and marketing seen around the internet, all making us ponder, “what is this Origami?”

Wonder no more. Today, CNBC’s Jim Goldman gave us a first look at Microsoft’s Origami, live from the Intel Developers Forum in San Francisco. A fully functioning mini-computer under $1000, keep your eyes peeled for more information and buzz about Origami. is saying that the Origami devices run a “variant” of Windows XP (and can run other x86-compatible operating systems) and are small enough to fit in a “large pocket.”

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(via The Wall Street Journal Online & – New CD trading website

Still have, buy, or want to expand your music collection the “old fashioned” way? Although I haven’t purchased a CD in probably 4 years, I like the concept behind You list your CD collection on their site, browse other members collections, and then request the CDs that you’d like. Each user has complete control over their collection. You decide if you’d like to send your CDs to the requestor, there’s no obligation!

La La users get charged $1 for each CD they receive. You have to send a CD to get a CD, which is supposed to prevent anyone from abusing the system by only receiving CDs.

Sounds like a cool idea, I’m gonna sign up. I’ll keep you all posted!

(Via USA Today)

The Mitsubishi Jet Towel

It may look a little strange, but the new Mitsubishi Jet Towel dries your hands (both front and back) in 5 to 6 seconds! Quick, yes! The manufacture claims that this 5 to 6 second drying time is up to 8 times quicker than comparable hand dryers currently available.

Not only is it a quicker way to dry your hands, but it eliminates the paper towel mess and is quieter than current hand dryers. So you’re saving the environment while getting your hands dried quickly.

For more information, check out The Mitsubishi Jet Towel.

(via Gizmodo)