Project Runway Winner: Chloe Dao

The season finale of Project Runway 2 aired tonight. The 16 designers had been narrowed down to the final three: Daniel Vosovic, Santino Rice, and Chloe Dao. This final episode was a culmination of the season and each designer’s efforts, they each presented a 13 piece collection at New York’s Olympus Fashion Week.

There were pieces in each designer’s collection that I liked and others that I didn’t. Thankfully, most of the pieces I liked. 🙂 It’s amazing to watch them create clothes, fashion, out of little more than their inspiration. It is surely a talent that I don’t posses.

Throughout the season, Santino Rice is the designer you love to hate. He’s loud, cocky, somewhat obnoxious, and has an “over the top” sense of fashion and style. His garments are always over-designed and just too much. I found it interesting that his final collection lacked the Santino that we’d all grown to love (and hate.) His garments were all very refined and stylish. Beautiful too, I may add. But as Michael Kors pointed out, the dresses didn’t fit right, especially in the bust. Quite unfortunate.

The clips of Daniel’s collection that we’d seen during last week’s episode had me worried. I think he’s a very gifted designer and have loved pretty much everything he’s crafted this season. His collection was no exception. The only thing I didn’t like about his collection were the handbags he designed. They were just awful! But they fit his “vision”, which apparently was military with a Japanese influence. I didn’t see that in his collection, and neither did the judges.

The winner of Project Runway 2, Chole Dao had a good collection. I wasn’t a huge fan of her “wraps”, but they worked. I know that’s not what you call them, but I don’t know the fashion word for them. Oh well. Chole is an excellent seamstress. Her garments always look impeccably finished and complete. And she was the only established designer out of the final three, so she knows what’s she’s doing. The one outfit of hers that I didn’t like was the pinkish “mushroom” thing that was her first piece on the runway. It looked terrible and didn’t flatter a woman’s figure. I found that piece rather strange, especially considering that all of her previous designs have been so flattering and well-designed.

So Chloe won. I’m happy for her. I thought the winner would be Santino because he’s so out there, but he didn’t win. I really wanted Daniel to win. I’ve admired his designs throughout the show and thought he’d be a shoe in to capture the winning title. But Chloe is a good choice, I like her too. Daniel is so young. At 24, he’s got a great eye and designs, but there’s so much to experience in the world of fashion. Ha! I say that like I really know and understand the world of fashion. 🙂 I know what I like and what I’d want. But that’s about it.

Season 2 of Project Runway was certainly an enjoyable one. You bet I’ll be watching Season 3!

For great pictures of Chloe’s collection, click here.

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