The Forbes billionaires list

Ah, the rich seem to get richer…

Just when you were comfortable in your job (or maybe not, depending on your situation) we’re reminded how much money the rich actually have, courtesy of the Forbes billionaires list.

The combined net worth of the 114 billionaires on the is totals $2.6 trillion. Wow. That is a lot of money!

According to Forbes Associate Editor Luisa Kroll, “A billion just isn’t what it used to be.” While that may be true, I find that massive sum of cash to be mind-boggling. I can fathom a million dollars, but a billion, now that’s pretty crazy! Soaring stock, oil and commodities prices helped make the billionaires on the list even more wealthy.

For a record 12th year in a row, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates earned the number one spot, with a net worth estimated at $50 billion. The second spot was taken by Warren Buffett, the famed investor of Berkshire Hathaway, whose worth was $42 billion.

This is the 20th year the Forbes billionaire list has been complied, through the efforts of 30 reporters in seven countries.

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(Via Reuters)

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