Nike Rockstar Workout

Have you always wanted to be able to dance to the latest songs while they play in the club, on the radio or your iPod? Want to incorporate the real moves and add your flair to them? Want no more! Today I discovered the Nike Rockstar Workout.

The current style at the Nike Rockstar Workout is Hip Hop and they’ve chosen to use Rihanna‘s new hit, SOS. If you haven’t heard it before, SOS is a catchy tune, primarily because it samples Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love”. I love it and currently can’t get enough, which is one of the reasons that I was so excited when I discovered the Nike Rockstar Workout. Not only can you watch the video for SOS, you can step inside with choreographer Jamie King and learn the moves that both Rihanna and Jamie (the male character in the video) use, as well as their combination moves. You can start, stop and replay the flash video as often as you like; until you’ve perfected your new dance groove!

And if learning the moves wasn’t enough, you can get gear (online from Nike, of course) so you can look and dance the hip hop part. There’s also a dance personality quiz to take.

I hope that Nike finds other artists to collaborate with and expands their Nike Rockstar Workout. I think it’s a great idea and while I won’t be buying any clothing because of this promotion, I could learn a few cool new moves for the dance floor. 🙂

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