Google Finance Launches

The much-anticipated Google Finance has launched. As with most Google offerings, Google Finance is in Beta, but that hardly seems to matter much anymore. It seems as most of the services that Google offers are launched in Beta and many stay that way. It doesn’t bother me much and I haven’t seemed to encounter errors in their other Beta offerings that I use (Gmail).

I enjoy the look and feel of Google Finance and see it as another offering for investors to obtain financial information and research on companies. On the main page of Google Finance, there’s a space to enter a ticker symbol or company name, a current snapshots of the major U.S. stock markets, stock quotes, as well as industry news and related headlines. I’ll keep it in mind when researching stock and company financial information.


With both a weird and cool vibe, Egglings are an alternative to the usual potted plant. Made of white ceramic, they look and feel just like real eggs. Simply crack one open, add water, and there you go! Each Eggling comes with a terra cotta tray and seed pack.

With 5 different seed packs to choose from, you can do a bit of gardening in this unique container. Priced at $8.95 each.

(Via Boing Boing)

No Email for some FBI agents

Alright, how crazy is that?

Christine Monaco, a spokeswoman for the FBI in New York, said Monday that all FBI agents can communicate with each other via a secure internal e-mail system, and about 75 percent of the New York office’s employees have outside e-mail accounts.

So that would mean that about 25 percent of the New York FBI employees don’t have outside email accounts. I know it’s not as simple for the government to assign .gov email accounts, not like getting a gmail, yahoo, or hotmail address, but doesn’t it seem just wrong that in the 21st Century, our government workers don’t all have email? Yes, we are fighting a “war on terror” but if government employees can’t communicate quickly and effectively with people both inside and outside of the FBI, how can they share information? Communication is key in any organization and I just find it crazy that the US government’s budget constraints mean no email for some FBI agents.

FBI spokeswoman Cathy Milhoan said e-mail addresses are still being assigned, and that the New York city bureau’s 2,000 employees would all have accounts by the end of the year.

End of the year! Too little, too late? Let’s hope not.

(Via CNN)