A record 500 foot buffet!

In Vegas, the city of excess, they have assembled a collection of forty soups, 100 salads and 150 desserts, all laid out on an array of tables totaling more than 500 feet long to qualify for a Guinness record for the World’s Largest Buffet.

In order to qualify for a record, Las Vegas Hilton Executive Chef George Bargisen had to assemble at least 500 unique offerings. He succeeded; with 510 different dishes it was quite the spread for Guinness officials to sample.

Spending 24 hours straight organizing the buffet bonanza, dishes from over a dozen ethnic cuisines were showcased. A sampling of foods included: salmon Wellington, fried alligator, pumpkin pie, baklava and pistachio truffles.

With a dizzying assortment of delectable goodies to sample, one might expect to pay a arm for this dining treat. Not so. The $7.50 a head buffet was not only priced economically, but the money collected was donated to hunger relief charity America’s Second Harvest. Good food, lots of it, and your money goes to a charity? What a deal!

(Via CNN)

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