Aperol, now available in the U.S.

I came across this post on Cool Hunting and was intrigued. I lived in Italy, Milan to be specific, for six months and really enjoyed my time there. While there, I developed an appreciation for gelato, quality Italian food and Italian coffee. I still love me some Breyers (Vanilla bean, please. It’s divine!) and Starbucks, but also appreciate all that is Italy. So whenever I come across something that will remind me of my time in Milan, I’m keen to try it.

Aperol, a low-alcohol aperitif is a blend of 30 herbs, spices and fruits. According to Cool Hunting, it’s light and refreshing like the English Pimm’s, but has a more pronounced citrus taste. With an alcohol content of !!%, it’s ideal for spring and summer cocktails, Aperol is best enjoyed mixed with soda, vodka or champagne.

I have never tried it, but the next time I’m out for drinks with friends, I’ll ask for some Aperol. Perhaps a sip will take me back to Milan. 🙂

(Via Cool Hunting)

One thought on “Aperol, now available in the U.S.

  1. hi,
    noticed you linked to Cool Hunting a couple times—thanks! We’re heading to Milan and would love any tips you picked up over your 6 months there. Please hit me up through our contact section if you have a minute.
    Thanks so much!

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