The #1 American TV show Worldwide

According to a recent story on, CSI: Miami is the most popular U.S. series in the world, ahead of current U.S. favorites “Desperate Housewives”, “Lost”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, and “American Idol”. CSI: Miami is even more popular abroad than the original “CSI” series, set in Las Vegas.

While the CSI: Miami drama, currently in its fourth season, ranks 12th thus far this season among U.S. viewers aged 18-49, according to Nielsen Media Research. It has proved to be an overwhelming success in Germany, Europe’s largest TV market. Now the #1 series in Germany, the show launched to record ratings on cable channel Vox in 2004 before being nabbed by Vox parent channel, and market leader, RTL.

While I’m a bigger fan of the original CSI and enjoy its characters, development, and plot more than “CSI: Miami”, I’m glad that Germany is a fan of it. Perhaps we can forgive them for David Hasslehoff. 🙂


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