Who looses the keys at the Nuclear plant?

Apparently someone. Reuters informs that German authorities are changing 150 locks at a nuclear power plant after its owner said they had lost keys to a security area. The nuclear plant is located in the southwestern state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

EnBW, the operator of the plant has been unable to recover the 12 lost keys, although it has undoubtedly searched long and hard, high and low for the missing keys. (How embarrassing!)

Lost in March, EnBW has put extra safety measures in place to control access to the secure area of the nuclear plant.

“This has never happened anywhere in Germany before,” the environment ministry spokesman said. “The keys have simply disappeared.” As you might expect, an investigation is underway into the disappearance of the keys.

Wow, when I loose things, it’s usually no big deal. I forget where I’ve put my keys or cell phone. But when someone misplaces the keys to a nuclear power plant, that’s a completely different situation with much greater consequences!

(Via Reuters)

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