Starbucks may soon outnumber McDonald’s

According to a Reuters article, the number of Starbucks locations worldwide may soon top that of McDonald’s. Starbucks has set a goal of having 30,000 stores worldwide, but according to Reuters, Starbucks’ chairman has recently said that the figure is too low. Already the world’s biggest coffee shop chain, Starbucks’ store count has soared to over 11,000 from less than 200 since the Seattle-based company went public in 1992, and at current growth rates it could hit its target (30,000 stores) in about five years.

Currently McDonald’s has roughly 31,000 locations worldwide, making it the largest fast food chain in the world. (Love the dollar menu!)

CIBC analyst John Glass says that the United States has room for as many as 22,000 locations, compared with the company target of 15,000. He also projects that Starbucks would raise that goal later in the year.

Seattle, Starbucks’ hometown, has one coffee shop for every 11,754 people. As a Seattlie, I can confirm that there are Starbucks everywhere, but as I’m a fan of the chain and over-priced coffe, I’d be happy to see more of them around.

(Via Reuters)

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