Floppy Disk Brush

Remember floppy disks? Some of you may not recall them, for you’re used to flash drives, burning data to CDs or DVDs, or other removable hard drive storage devices. But I do remember floppy disks. Both the 3 1/2 inch and 5 1/4 inch variety. Those 5 1/4 ones were the true floppys, the 3 1/2 ones much sturdier than their larger predecessors. And their storage capacity? 1.44 MB That was pretty much good for the average user, as those were the days before widespread use of digitized music and media. Nowadays, 1.44 MB seems so tiny! But enough of my tangent.

If you’re wondering what someone has done with the floppy disk, look no further than the Mock Floppy Disk. It’s a 3 1/2 disk with a spring-loaded brush. A simple, yet fun way to clean your keyboard.

It’s available for $1.95 in three colors: translucent lime, tangerine or grape.

(Via Strange New Products)

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