The One Million Swarovski Crystal Reveal

The latest million dollar (or in this case, a million Euros, which is worth more than a million dollars) website idea is MillionCrystalBody. It took nearly seven days to cover Chantal, the 20 year old model’s body with one million Swarovski crystals, each measuring approximately 2mm. An auction organized by eBay specialist Marion von Kuczkowski, each crystal is being sold for €1. As more crystals are sold, more of Chantal will be revealed and her photos updated on the website.

The last stones in the auction will not be sold at the fixed €1 price, but will be auctioned via eBay. The proceeds of those final bids will go to a yet-unnamed charity. The person who wins the last crystal will have it personally delivered anywhere in the world by Chantal, the model who has revealed herself to the world, one crystal at a time.

(Via Luxist)

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