Pictures – Mykonos

Tomorrow begins another work week, so in the spirit of staying in a vacation mindset as long as possible (and dreaming of warmer weather/locales), I present you pictures from Mykonos, Greece.

Greece’s most famous and popular island, Mykonos has been a popular destination for tourists and adventure seekers.  Mykonos offers so much: Great beaches, fine restaurants, beautiful hotels, amazing bars and clubs and the widest assortment of people that you will find anywhere. Mykonos simply offers something for everyone. Join in this Flickr pictoral adventure.

Twilight on Mykonos


Catching the last rays of sun at Paraportiani church, Mykonos, Greece, June 2006
by StrudelMonkey

Old Greek Windmills


by Fianna

Lane in Mykonos


by Katie and Michael

Idyllic Beach


by RottieLover

A Table with a View


by Smaku

Mykonos Window


by bric

Chapel Bell


by RaulTravel



by SeenyaRita

3 thoughts on “Pictures – Mykonos

  1. Great pictures! Thanks for the post. If reading a few more stories on Mykonos or any other Greek island would make you feel a bit more onto that holiday spirit, or perhaps make you go right now to your travel agent and get that ticket to the Greek paradise, then by all means do feel free to browse through my blog. You will find all the news and travel articles about Greece and Cyprus.

    If you pop to Athens, just give me a shout and will be pleased to extend you our traditional Greek hospitality. Cheers and remember, summer is not far away!


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