Pictures – Morocco

The workweek begins again tomorrow, so here are some beautiful pictures to get your mind off of the week ahead.  These pictures are from Flickr user Jungle_Boy. You can follow his journey (in blog posts and pictures) through the Arabian peninsula and parts of Africa.  So far, they’ve spent a month travelling in the Gulf, and now find themselves in Africa, specifically Morocco.

The following are some of Jungle_Boy’s pictures of Morocco.

A typical blue alleyway in the village of Chefchouen in the Rif mountains, Morocco.


The ruins of the Roman basilica at Volubilis, Morocco, with storm clouds gathering in the background. Taken at 8:25am.


A Moroccan man stands in front of a decorated fountain next to Place el-Hedim in Meknes, Morocco.


A bizarre French colonial building in Casablanca, Morocco.


An idyllic spot in the Sahara desert, Morocco.


The walls and fortifications of ‘New Fes’, which dates from the 14th century – Morocco.


Leathermakers at the tanneries in Fes painting leather to make yellow shoes.

Roman descendants in China?

Are residents of Liqian, a remote village in Northwestern China descendants of Roman legions lost in the area in 53 BC?  Blood samples have been taken from 93 people in and around Liquian and DNA tests will be run to determine if this link to Romans, as suggested by historian Homer Dubbs in 1957, is true.

Check out the full story in the Telegraph.

(Telegraph via Metafilter)

Find unused FM frequencies


The radio-locator(formerly known as the MIT List of Radio Stations on the Internet) is your one-stop-shop for radio station information on the Internet. With links to over 10,000 radio station web pages and over 2500 audio streams from radio stations in the U.S. and around the world, why go anywhere else?  radio-locator is truly a wealth of information.

There are a number of criteria you can search for (location, call letters, streaming radio, world radio) but one of their newer features lets you find unused frequencies on the FM dial.  This is useful if you have a small FM transmitter (for your iPod or other portable music player, for example) and want to find the best (vacant) frequency to broadcast on.

 (Via Lifehacker)

The Ultimate Swivel Room Divider


Looking for a cool way to divide a big room into two separate spaces?  Do you want to add that little “something” that will really make your place unforgettable?  Are you a fan of all things “mod”?

If your answer to any (or all) of the above questions is “yes” then perhaps the Ultimate Swivel Room Divider is something for you. (More pictures here)

For the price of $3,599.99 (shipping and handling included) you can have this white on Java Swivel Room Divider delivered anywhere in the continuous United States (sorry Alaska & Hawaii, you’re out of luck on this item). describes this unit:

Organize your great room, studio or loft with the ultimate swivel room divider. The perfect way to have a flat panel TV in more than one room w/our ambient lighting mounting system that swivels at the touch of your finger. This room divider has ample storage, shelf storage and oversized utility drawer storage. Bookcase open storage and display storage.

  • The Room Divider Experience – swivels at the touch of your finger
  • Engineered wood core with a faux veneer overlay
  • Java Matte finish overlay case
  • White High Gloss lacquer overlay fronts
  • Long closed storage accessible from both sides
  • European self closing hinges
  • Center pop-up doors above w/pneumatic gas cylinders stays
  • Full extension ball bearing slides
  • Flat Panel TV for two rooms’ w/ambient fluorescent light
  • Room Divider dimensions:
    • 96” W x 24” D x 84.5” H
  • Weight: 475 lbs.
  • 1 Year limited warranty

(At via Gadget Review)