Pictures – Morocco

The workweek begins again tomorrow, so here are some beautiful pictures to get your mind off of the week ahead.  These pictures are from Flickr user Jungle_Boy. You can follow his journey (in blog posts and pictures) through the Arabian peninsula and parts of Africa.  So far, they’ve spent a month travelling in the Gulf, and now find themselves in Africa, specifically Morocco.

The following are some of Jungle_Boy’s pictures of Morocco.

A typical blue alleyway in the village of Chefchouen in the Rif mountains, Morocco.


The ruins of the Roman basilica at Volubilis, Morocco, with storm clouds gathering in the background. Taken at 8:25am.


A Moroccan man stands in front of a decorated fountain next to Place el-Hedim in Meknes, Morocco.


A bizarre French colonial building in Casablanca, Morocco.


An idyllic spot in the Sahara desert, Morocco.


The walls and fortifications of ‘New Fes’, which dates from the 14th century – Morocco.


Leathermakers at the tanneries in Fes painting leather to make yellow shoes.

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