Construction Paper Art

Artist Jen Stark creates colorful, intricate pieces of art using ordinary construction paper.  This is truly an amazing showcase of creativity!


“Paper Anomaly” DETAIL

12″ x 12″   construction paper   2007 

“A Piece of an Infinite Whole” Installation in a wall

diameter: 24″ depth: 4ft,  construction paper   2007

(Via Neatorama)

Create a new identity

The Fake Name Generatorcreates a new random identity each time the page is reloaded. You can choose a number of different characteristics to personalize your fake character, including:

  • Gender – Male or Female
  • Name Set(the language origin/characteristics of your name) – American, Chinese, Danish, England/Whales, Finnish, French, German, Hispanic, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese and Swedish.
  • Country (Address and Phone number format) – Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus (English), Cyprus (Greek), Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States.

Here are some sample identities that I generated:


  • Gender: Male
  • Name Set: German
  • Country: Sweden

Maximilian Ackerman
Mjövattnet 22

Email Address:

Phone: 0612-3167467
Mother’s maiden name: Metzger
Birthday: September 15, 1985

MasterCard: 5248 8587 7207 3609
Expires: 1/2010


  • Gender: Female
  • Name Set: Japanese
  • Country: Australia

Mikayo Murakami
55 Old Gayndah Road
Mungar QLD 4650

Email Address:

Phone: (07) 3876 2458
Mother’s maiden name: Iwasaki
Birthday: March 12, 1959

MasterCard: 5447 9808 0135 3445
Expires: 9/2009