LaCie CurrenKey USB Flash Drives

LaCie has a new line of USB flash drives shaped in the form of currency, aptly named CurrenKey.

Designed by 5.5 Designers, these flash drives come in 4GB or 8GB capacities and either a a bronze (4GB) or silver (8GB) finish.  These flash drives are priced at $19.99 (4GB) and $29.99 (8GB).

Available online at LaCie.

The Taj Mahal – In Bangladesh?

Wealthy movie director Ahsanullah Moni has built in 5 years what it took the Mugal Emperor Shah Jahan 20 years to build in the 1600s, The Taj Mahal.  Moni’s replica is located about 20 miles northeast of the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka.  With a pricetag of approximately £38M ($56.8 M USD) Moni has has imported marble and granite from Italy, diamonds from Belgium and used 160kg of bronze for the dome.

The Indians are not pleased at Moni’s replica of the Taj Mahal and are hoping to sue for copyright infringement.

Via Sky News. Video from Reuters.  More information and pictures can be found here.