Originally from Bangkok, Thailand, artist Rook Floro currently lives in Birmingham, England. His art investigates ideas of human metamorphosis and particularly the tension between desiring change and appreciating oneself.

This piece, ‘Shadow’, is inspired by Carl Jung’s psychological theory about the shadow. It concerns with the repressed ideas, weakness, and desires of oneself that the conscious mind refuses to acknowledge.

According to Rook, it represents his ‘shadow’ and involves his hidden desires to be different and become perfect in his own right.

Rook’s work reminds me of the steel wire sculptures of Tomohiro Inaba.

Biegert & Funk – QLOCKTWO W


Biegert & Funk announced the first wristwatch to display time in a square grid of 110 letters with QLOCKTWO W. When the stainless steel button is pressed, words light up in unexpected places which describe the time. Priced at €550, the watch is scheduled for arrival this autumn and will be available in black or stainless steel variations, with either rubber or leather bands. Available in either English or German.

Grass Carpet

With a vision of connecting the small French village of Jaujac to it’s vibrant natural surroundings, artist Gaëlle Villedary installed 1400 feet of grass throughout the city streets. Called ‘Tapis Rouge!’ it was commissioned as part of the city’s 10th anniversary of their arts and nature program. The installation was made out of 168 lawn turf rolls connected throughout the city.