Sculptor Mark Handforth

Mark Handforth - Vespa Mixed media. Alexander Schroder

Mark Handforth
Mixed media. Collection of Alexander Schroder.

Lampione - Mark Handforth

Mark Handforth

Mark Handforth

Mark Handforth

Based in Miami, Florida, sculptor Mark Handforth has exhibited around the world in solo and group shows. His large-scale sculpture work focuses on the urban enviornment and reflects objects from public spaces—street signs, fluorescent lights, street lamps, and traffic cones. These objects are then altered as Handforth twists and bends them, covers some with wax from burning candles or dripping paint. A feature of many of Handforth’s exhibitions is his placement of works in a gallery space and the continuation of the exhibition outdoors, in front of or near the gallery or museum.

(Via designboom)

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