The 10 Best Sushi To Succeed with a Date!

Awesomely creative!



I recently met Russell Deasley online who is the mastermind of a superior Homepage/Blog with the name of THE TOP 10…of Anything and Everything!. Not only is his Homepage immensely hilarious and instructive, but he is also kind enough to invite like-minded bloggers’ suggestions and articles for mutual help and fun!
Having lived and written about Japan for more than 30 years I thought this particular article may find a small niche among Russell’s grand collection!

1) Sushi Birthday Cake Millefeuille

Shizuoka Prefecture being the top gastronomic region of Japan I certainly do not need to travel to Tokyo to enjoy top-class sushi! In any case, all these introductions to impress your date would deplete your purse for a long time whereas you will find it cheaper to travel down here and sample them together before visiting one of the most varied Prefectures in Japan!
The above creation was…

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