Jen Stark – Colorful Paper Sculpture

Jen Stark - Abyss colorfull paper sculpture colors

Jen Stark - Burst colorfull paper sculpture colors

Jen Stark, born 1983 in Miami, Florida, is a contemporary artist. While most of her work involves creating colorful paper sculptures, she also explores drawing and animation, continually focusing on colorful, infitie patterns.
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Iridient by Fabian Oefner

Iridient - Fabian Oefner

Switzerland-based art photographer Fabian Oefner used high-speed flash photography to capture the life of soap bubbles from their creation to the exact moment of bursting in his stunning photo series titled Iridient.

Using High Speed Flash Units, his images show soap bubbles in the moment of bursting. In the first few images, you can still see the bubbles intact, a few instants after their creation. In the last pictures, you see how the thin film of soap starts to disappear, leaving behind countless tiny drops of soap water.

These images are simply stunning.

Iridient - Fabian Oefner

Iridient - Fabian Oefner

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For some excellent coverage of quality timepieces, check out the The LuxistDeidre Woollard does a great job covering the latest and greatest timepieces, so check out the coverage at Luxist for some really neat watch and other timepiece finds.

Below is a snapshot of some of my favorites. 


Armin Strom Open Egine Chronograph

Tourbillon 24 Secondes Incliné

De Ville Central Tourbillon Co-Axial Chronometer


Bulgari Assioma Multicomplication Squelette

Paul Picot Atelier Tourbillon

Blu Duett

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Construction Paper Art

Artist Jen Stark creates colorful, intricate pieces of art using ordinary construction paper.  This is truly an amazing showcase of creativity!


“Paper Anomaly” DETAIL

12″ x 12″   construction paper   2007 

“A Piece of an Infinite Whole” Installation in a wall

diameter: 24″ depth: 4ft,  construction paper   2007

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