Teachers – Fairy Tales

I recently discovered Teachers, A Web Series, and found these ladies and their shorts extremely funny. Conceived by Matt Miller and The Katydids, Teachers chronicles the misdeeds and awkward interactions of six mid-western elementary school teachers just tryin’ to navigate the pitfalls of internet dating and adult female friendships all while molding America’s youth.

My favorite episode so far is Fairy Tales (above). For more information on Teachers and their episodes, check out their website or follow them on YouTube.

Picutre – So, you want to use the stairs?


This impassable staircase is part of the Lloyd’s headquarters building, at the corner of Leadenhall and Lime Street in London. Why a staircase and a pillar were combined in the same area is baffling. Perhaps you’re supposed to slide down the railing? 🙂

(From Esthr’s Flickr photostream via This is Broken and Boing Boing)